Earn Higher Revenue

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Altrooz delivers profitable results for our advertisers.  This means higher revenues for you.  And the money you earn lands in your pocket much faster.  We pay our direct publishers 7 days after the end of each month.  How about them apples?


Unique Ad Formats 

to optimize your revenue

Advertisers want rich experiences to win and engage their customers. The best performing ads in mobile are video, native and interstitial. We support all mobile ad formats plus unique audience insights that keep Advertisers coming back for more.


Support On Multiple Platforms

to deliver high quality ads

We support developers across all major mobile operating systems and screen sizes.  Whether your developing on iOS or Android we’ve got you covered.


Simple Integration

to make your life easer

We offer both API and SDK implementations to give you the flexibility you require. Both options are simple to integrate so you can start making money faster. Our support team is here to help and can guide you through each implementation in a matter of minutes.

Real Time Results

so you can always be on top of your revenue

Our reporting dashboard delivers up to the minute results.  You can see quick snapshots of your earnings or dig deep into our reports to analyze performance and maximize results.


Publisher Sign Up

If you deliver ads within your Games, Apps or Mobile Websites, please sign up here. We look forward to helping you maximize your eCPMs.

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