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AppBullseye allows you to learn from other parents, teachers, students and kids which apps are best. Through the use multiple categories and proximity to you, all apps become relevant to you and what you are looking for at any given point or occasion.


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We've built 8 distinct Circle categories for you to value at any given time to find something catered to you.


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AppBullseye's community is an active community contributing tips and ideas about which apps are the best for parenting, all powered by "you" and the people around you.

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Learn from other parents, teachers, students and kids which apps are best, leave out the guessing.

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All our apps are tested and rated by our users, making it easy to find the right one for any occasion or any age.

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Zoom-in on the apps you need to find based on the the type of people who use them and their proximity to you.

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Be a part of the community and become Influencer by contributing your tips and ideas about which apps are the best.

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Parenting Made Easy

Ever wonder...

Which apps are coolest for teaching math to pre-K kids? How to potty train your 3 year old? Which apps are best for your kids at a restaurant so you and your spouse can enjoy a nice family meal? How about where to go on your next family vacation? Or even which apps are best for college prep and which apps teachers are using within 50 miles?

Call off the search

The AppBullseye community has all of these answers and is an ever growing community constantly contributing ideas and finding solutions for every day parenting questions.

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